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Government Client Portfolio - United States

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Government Client Portfolio - Europe and Middle East

  • Ministries of Interior
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  • Intelligence Community
  • Schengen Member States
  • Interpol and Europol

During the meetings of the Ministers of the Interior of France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in May 2007, migration policy, the fight against organized crime, drug trafficking and counter-terrorism were discussed in order to establish a common response and a synergy between the different services.  "d.t (decider.track)" software will enable the automation of their processes and make inquiries by anticipation rather than by post-mortem, when the bomb attack or crime, for example, has been committed.  The police officer will simply configure his computer in order to ask "d.t (decider.track)" to warn him about any issue or area of interest and to track it constantly. 

Some initiatives to improve efficiency in the search of terrorists' suspects and wanted criminals already exist in Europe, as in Croatia.  Police officers have direct access to Interpol's databases with their mobile phone and PDA and they will be the first in the world to test the new technology.  In this context, Co-Decision Technology can add new functionalities to Interpol's databases access to all police services everywhere in the world.

The European Commission has taken several measures to fight against organized crime.  It is currently working on a crime statistics system, and has launched and EU Action Plan on enhancing the Security of Explosives with the establishment of an EU Explosive database at Europol.