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Co-Mining® Technology


A technological breakthrough in mining technologies

A duality of "Cyber_Trackers" and "Cyber_Brains"


Co-Mining®, the 1st technology to connect-the-dots by "Cyber_Tracking", is a Network Collective Intelligence technology, which leverages an automated Intelligence delivery system for people working in cooperation using networks that are able to apply their complex collective decision processes when they have to react to information.

Co-Mining® is a unique, original and internationally patented brain-like technology based on "Portable Distributed Objects"® (PDOs) capable of traveling in the cyberspace, from computer to computer. Those computers have "cognitive agents," structured as human "cerebral lobes,” implementing decisional rules of human experts. The cerebral-like agents have embedded data, text or image miners, which are the sensors of the computers enabling them to extract in real time and in continuous flow significant information. The architecture of computer components reproduces human organization. Jumping from one brain-like computer to another one, the system acts as micro trackers able to link real time significant information extracted by computers. And as those computers have embedded human cognitive rules, they drive the information for automated reasoning just as the cerebral lobes drive the neurotransmitters for human reasoning. In other words, the system mimics human reasoning but faster than humans, they interweave automatically, collective human reasoning. The decider.tracks ("d.ts"), mimic global cooperative decision making process.