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The dt (decider.track) difference


In high risk environments where human lives or where large sums of money are at stake - such as those related to homeland or global security and finance - decision processes can last several months and require successions of micro-decisions by law enforcement or financial investigations. One of the greatest difficulties for humans, more than finding the right information at the right time, is to make the right requests in the right data bases, and connecting the alarms in order to raise their degree of importance.

How does one link an event which occurred a few months or years before, somewhere on the planet, with a new fact observed by a law enforcement agency?  How does one know that an observed radicalist had been arrested previously in another country, not for terrorist actions but merely for delinquency and that his biometric profile was already somewhere in police files.  To handle this information sharing need, the concept of Net Centric Operations (NCO) is based on huge shared data bases. 

The state of the art for NCO is to provide users with integration platforms which give access (i) to multiple current Business Intelligence tools – as meta search engines, data and text miners, queries technologies and (ii) to multiple sources of information. Using such platforms, the financial operators or the intelligence officers are able to make links between disparate and heterogeneous data and make their own interpretations and decisions.

The revolutionary feature of d.t is that it replicates and rationalizes what human do when using such platforms. The human reasoning is embedded in layers which come upon those integration platforms. Namely, d.t is a “Search Based Application” which means that it is not a search engine but a “decisional engine” which runs above and with the search engines.

Doing so, it has the ability to decode the invisible bias introduced by the human subjectivity of the decision maker when they are under the pressure of continuous, contradictory, and global information flows.  The most difficult tasks for human facing the immensity of the cyberspace is to reconstruct the complexity of thousands of micro-elements. It is what d.t does.